Adding a Folder to the Live Mesh Desktop


The following appears to be the minimum code required to add a folder to the Live Mesh Desktop.

static void AddFolderToLiveDesktop(LiveOperatingEnvironment loe, String folderName)
     Mesh mesh = loe.Mesh;

     MeshObject meshObject = new MeshObject();
     meshObject.Resource.Title = folderName;
     meshObject.Resource.Type = "LiveMeshFolder";
     mesh.MeshObjects.Add(ref meshObject);

     DataFeed dataFeed = new DataFeed();
     dataFeed.Resource.Type = "LiveMeshFiles";
     meshObject.DataFeeds.Add(ref dataFeed);


meshObject.Resource.Type must be set to LiveMeshFolder and dataFeed.Resource.Type must be set to LiveMeshFiles for the mesh object to be displayed on the Live Mesh Desktop.


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