The Resource class in the Live Framework API provides an AttributeExtensions property allowing user-provided attributes to be accessed in a DataEntryResource. AttributeExtensions is declared as follows:

public Dictionary<XmlQualifiedName, string> AttributeExtensions { get; }

AttributeExtensions provides access to user attributes to the <entry> element in the Atom feed representation of a DataEntry. ElementExtensions provides access to a user-defined child element of the <entry> element.

AttributeExtensions can be used as follows to add an attribute named "bird" with value "Emu" to a data entry: 

XmlQualifiedName xmlQualifiedName = new XmlQualifiedName("bird", String.Empty);  
dataEntry.Resource.AttributeExtensions.Add(xmlQualifiedName, "Emu");

This changes the Atom representation of the <entry> element to the following:

<entry bird="Emu">

Attribute extensions can be accessed as follows:

Dictionary<XmlQualifiedName, String> attributeExtensions = dataEntry.Resource.AttributeExtensions;
foreach (KeyValuePair<XmlQualifiedName, String> attributeExtension in attributeExtensions)
    String attributeName = attributeExtension.Key.ToString();
    String attributeValue = attributeExtension.Value;

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