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Synchronization in the Live Framework

A core feature exposed in the Live Framework is the synchronization of data feeds. Synchronization in Live Framework is provided by its implementation of the FeedSync specification developed by Microsoft to support synchronization of Atom and RSS feeds. This post … Continue reading

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Accessing Resources By URL in the Live Framework API

In the post on Data Storage in the Live Framework I suggested that syndication links stored in the Resource.Links property could be useful for linking data entries and data feeds together in interesting ways. There remains the task of using … Continue reading

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Queries in the Live Framework API

The Live Framework API uses the LINQ query model to support querying the data stored in the local and cloud operating environment. This post will focus on data stored in the cloud and ways to query it using the API. … Continue reading

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Data Storage in the Live Framework

There are several ways to associate data with a DataEntry in the Live Framework: Attribute Extension Element Extension Media Resource User Data Syndication Link Summary This post is based on this thread on the MSDN forums. Attribute Extension Attribute extensions are … Continue reading

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Data Binding in Live Framework Resource Scripts

Live Framework Resource Scripts are described in a document named About Live Framework Resource Scripts. This has a section with a short example and description of the data binding that can be used in resource scripts. Delving into the example … Continue reading

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Mapping Mesh Objects to the Local Device

This is pretty basic but since I have not seen it clearly documented, except on this thread on the Live Framework forum, I thought it worth documenting. There is a subtle difference in the propagation behavior of mesh objects created … Continue reading

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