Two Reports on Cloud Computing

U.C. Berkeley Reliable Adaptive Distributed Systems Laboratory (RAD Lab) has released its Above the Cloud report on Cloud computing.
The Uptime Institute has posted the McKinsey and Company discussion document Clearing the air on cloud computing.
James Hamilton of Amazon Web Services has posted a response to the McKinsey report. He concludes that:
any company not fully understanding cloud computing economics and not having cloud computing as a tool to deploy where it makes sense is giving up a very valuable competitive edge. No matter how large the IT group, if I led the team, I would be experimenting with cloud computing and deploying where it make sense. I would want my team to know it well and to be deploying to the cloud when the work done is not differentiated or when the capital was better leveraged elsewhere
UPDATE 4/26/2008
David Chappell has posted the slides for Cloud Platforms Today: A Perspective, the keynote he presented at an SDForum conference a week ago.
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