Azure Links and Some Cloudy Links

In a post today, Steven Nagy shared a list of links he was giving out at an Australian Remix conference. This prompted me to provide this list of Azure and Cloud links I subscribe to in FeedDemon. The links are in alphabetic order – the presence of a twitter ID indicates those I am more interested in.

Azure Team – Azure Support Team – Microsoft Codename Dallas – SQL Azure Team – Windows Azure Developer Tools Team – Windows Azure Storage Team – Windows Azure Team

Individual – Adam Sampson – Brent Stineman (@BrentCodeMonkey) – Brian Hitney – Cloud Cover (@cloudcovershow) – David Aiken (@TheDavidAiken) – David Chappell – Eric Nelson (@ericnel) – Guy Shahine – J.D. Meier – Jim Nakashima (@jnakashima) – Maarten Balliauw Neil Mackenzie (@mknz) – Patterns & Practices: Windows Azure Security Guidance – Roger Jennings (@rogerjenn) – Ryan Dunn (@dunnry) – Scott Densmore (@scottdensmore) – Steve Marx (@smarx) – Sumit Mehrotra – Steven Nagy (@snagy) – Toddy Mladenov (@toddysm)

Azure Status – Azure Status

Other Clouds – High Scalability – James Hamilton – Werner Vogels

Software Development

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2 Responses to Azure Links and Some Cloudy Links

  1. Unknown says:

    Let’s not forget (@AzureCloudPro) 😉

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