The Windows Azure Platform: Articles from the Trenches

Eric Nelson of Microsoft UK edited a collection of short articles on Windows Azure into a 96-page eBook, The Windows Azure Platform: Articles from the Trenches, available as a free download. The contents are as follows:

Getting Started

Jason Nappi – 5 steps to getting started with Windows Azure
Sarang Kulkarni – The best tools for working with Windows Azure
Steven Nagy – Architecting for Azure – Building Highly Scalable Applications

Marcus Tillett – The Windows Azure Platform and Cost-Oriented Architecture
Simon Munro – De-risking Your First Azure Project
Grace Mollison – Trials & tribulations of working with Azure when there’s more than one of you
Grace Mollison – Using a CI build to achieve an automated deployment of your latest build
Rob Blackwell – Using Java with the Windows Azure Platform

Windows Azure

Steven Nagy – Auto-Scaling Windows Azure Compute Instances
Josh Tucholski – Building a content-based router service on Windows Azure
Steve Towler – Bing Maps Tile Servers using Azure Blog Storage
Neil Mackenzie – Azure Drive
Mark Rendle – Azure Table Service as a NoSQL database
Neil Mackenzie – Queries and Azure Table
Saksham Gautam – Tricks for storing time and date fields in Table Storage
Josh Tucholski – Using Worker Roles to Implement a Distributed Cache
David Gristwood – Logging, Diagnostics and Health Monitoring of Windows Azure Applications
Neil Mackenzie – Service Runtime in Windows Azure

SQL Azure

Juliën Hanssens – Connecting to SQL Azure In 5 Minutes

Windows Azure Platform AppFabric

Richard Prodger – Real Time Tracing of Azure Roles From Your Desktop


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Cloud Solutions Architect. Microsoft
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