Windows Azure Boot Camps

A Windows Azure Boot Camp is a great way to learn Windows Azure. The boot camp is a mixture of presentations and hands-on labs where you can try out Windows Azure.

Boot camps are normally two days. However, I am going to do a couple of one-day mini boot camps in San Francisco and Mountain View in Northern California.

May 31, 2011 -San Francisco
Microsoft San Francisco Office. (register)

June 3, 2011 – Mountain View
Microsoft Silicon Valley Center (register)

Doing the hands-on labs is an important part of the boot camp so you should come prepared to do them. This means you need to install some Windows Azure software on your laptop. The Windows Azure Boot Camp website has links to all the software needed.

If you can’t come to one of these boot camps you should check the schedule to see if there is a boot camp that you can go to. They take place across the globe – but not so far in Antarctica or Greenland. Brian Prince, who started the boot camps, also holds online Windows Azure “Office Hours” where you can ask questions directly. The schedule for these is here.


  • Introduction to Cloud Computing and Azure
  • Basic Roles
  • Hello Windows Azure VS2010 [LAB]
  • Advanced Roles
  • SQL Azure
  • Intro to SQL Azure [LAB]
  • Diagnostics and Service Management
  • Windows Azure Deployment VS2010 [LAB]
  • Storage Basics
  • Using Azure Tables
  • Using BLOB Storage
  • Queues
  • Exploring Windows Azure Storage [LAB]
  • Introduction to Windows Azure AppFabric
  • Introduction to AppFabric ACS V2 [LAB]
  • Cloud Computing Patterns & Scenarios

About Neil Mackenzie

Cloud Solutions Architect. Microsoft
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