First Comes the Writing

… and then comes the marketing.

When Packt Publishing first approached me about writing a book, I headed to Borders to look at a few books it published. I was impressed by the quality of the books, and signed up to write the Microsoft Windows Azure Development Cookbook. Packt has published a number of cloud-related books, and currently is offering an early release version of a book by David Burela (@DavidBurela) titled Microsoft Silverlight 4 and Windows Azure Enterprise Integration. Anyway, Borders no longer exists – but my book does.

Packt is offering a giveaway, through the end of October, in which it will give an eBook version of the Microsoft Windows Azure Development Cookbook to two people who visit the webpage for the book and leave a comment on this post with the one feature that makes them want to read the book. To participate in the giveaway, leave a comment and an email address. When November comes, Packt will give the eBook to two people chosen at random from the commenters.

Note that the chapter on Managing Hosted Services with the Service Management API can be downloaded for free.


About Neil Mackenzie

Cloud Solutions Architect. Microsoft
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2 Responses to First Comes the Writing

  1. Luiz Macedo says:

    I want read this book to talk about Windows Azure in Brazil to Community and other people.
    And I want learning more with you about that.

    Thank you!

  2. Frank B says:

    Great a Azure Book! I need it. I was just looking to get me one… the timing is perfect!

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