Building Resilient, High-Scale Services in Windows Azure

I seem to be always looking for information about building resilient, high-scale services in Windows Azure. Over the last year a number of individuals and teams at Microsoft have done us all a great service by documenting their experiences in this area.

Failsafe Initiative

The Windows Azure CAT team and Microsoft Services has created a Failsafe Initiative to provide guidance on building resilient and scalable cloud services.

Marc Mercuri (@marcmercuri), Ulrich Homann, and Andrew Townhill wrote a whitepaper on Failsafe: Guidance for Resilient Cloud Architectures.

Marc Mercuri, Ulrich Homann and Mark Simms (@mabsimms) have produced an extensive online training course available on Channel 9: Failsafe: Building Scalable, Resilient Cloud Services.

Best Practices

Mark Simms and Michael Thomassy have written an extensive whitepaper on Best Practices for the Design of Large-Scale Services on Windows Azure Cloud Services

A Microsoft team created a poster on Scaling Applications using Windows Azure Cloud Services that provides a nice visual overview of the material in this whitepaper. (Thanks to Rob Boucher for the link.)

Mark Simms and Simon Davies did a two-part presentation on Building Big: Lessons Learned from Windows Azure Customers at Build 2012:

Part 1:
Part 2:

Mark Simms did a session on Resilient Cloud Apps at the Patterns and Practices Symposium.

Scalability Units

Clemens Vasters (@clemensv) has posted, to his Subscribe video blog, a presentation on using scalability units for Windows Azure deployments to make them more scalable.

Trustworthy Computing

A team from various groups at Microsoft, centered on the Microsoft Trustworthy Computing group, has produced a whitepaper on Developing Highly Available and Secure Cloud Solutions.

SQL Server and Windows Azure SQL Database

Conor Cunningham, Tobias Ternström, Silvano Coriani, Ewan Fairweather posted a whitepaper on Windows Azure SQL Database and SQL Server — Performance and Scalability Compared and Contrasted.

The SQL Server CAT team have published a Performance Guidance for SQL Server in Windows Azure Virtual Machines whitepaper.


The Windows Azure CAT team has developed the Cloud Service Fundamentals in Windows Azure sample to demonstrate how to scale-out Windows Azure applications.


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