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Setting an Endpoint ACL on a Windows Azure VM

A few days ago someone asked for help with a Windows Azure Service Management REST API problem. My first thought was that there was likely a problem with the payload, which can be a fairly complex XML document. Rather than … Continue reading

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Creating a Windows Azure hosted service

In December 2009, I did a post on the Service Management API in Windows Azure. Over time I became unhappy with part of the post – specifically the use of XML serialization – and was looking for an opportunity to … Continue reading

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Microsoft Windows Azure Development Cookbook

The reason I didn’t write many posts on the blog in the early part of this year was that I was writing a book on Windows Azure for Packt Publishing. This book, Microsoft Windows Azure Development Cookbook, is now available … Continue reading

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AzureWatch – Autoscaling a Windows Azure Hosted Service

The desire for cost-efficient hosting of services provides the impetus for moving services to the cloud. An important driver of that cost-efficiency is the ease with which hosted services can be scaled elastically – up and down – so that … Continue reading

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Autoscaling in Windows Azure

Elasticity of Cloud Services The great promise of cloud computing is the closer matching of compute resources to compute needs. This leads to significant cost savings and allows the creation of novel services that previously would have been cost prohibitive. … Continue reading

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