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Using Azure Monitoring Service API with Azure Virtual Machines

Microsoft Azure Virtual Machines is the IaaS feature in the Azure platform that provides the ability to easily deploy Linux and Windows Server VMs into a public cloud infrastructure. Like other public clouds, Azure uses commodity hardware with horizontal scaling … Continue reading

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Network Connectivity in Azure

Microsoft Azure is a general purpose, public cloud that provides compute, storage, connectivity and services. The pace of innovation in each of these areas is accelerating, making it harder (in a good way) to keep abreast of the latest developments. … Continue reading

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Disk Storage on Linux VMs in Azure

Microsoft Azure supports the ability to mount VHDs into Azure Virtual Machines running any of the supported Linux distributions. Additionally, the Azure File Service provides a managed logical file system that can be mounted into Ubuntu distributions using the SMB … Continue reading

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Silicon Valley Code Camp–Windows Azure IaaS Presentation

The Silicon Valley Code Camp, organized by Peter Kellner (@pkellner), takes place in the first weekend in October each year in the nice environment of the Foothills College campus. This year, 4492 people registered to attend and there were 229 … Continue reading

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Overview of the Windows Azure Platform

In my day job at Satory Global I spend a lot of time educating people about the Windows Azure Platform and helping them develop applications on the platform. In my book, the Microsoft Windows Azure Development Cookbook, I provided instructions … Continue reading

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