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Affinity Groups in Azure

I see a lot of confusion about the current status of affinity groups in Microsoft Azure and thought it worthwhile to describe that status (or my view of it). Until 2012, Azure used a north-south network built to handle traditional … Continue reading

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Migrating a VM from EC2 to Azure at 300 Mbps

This post contains instructions for migrating a VM from Amazon Web Services EC2 to Microsoft Azure. The instructions assume a basic setup where the AWS EC2 instance is running Windows Server and comprises a single disk containing the OS. A … Continue reading

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Using Azure Monitoring Services API with Azure Cloud Services

This post describes how to use the Azure Monitoring Service API to access performance metrics for Azure Cloud Services, the PaaS feature in the Microsoft Azure platform. It follows on from an earlier post describing the use of the Monitoring … Continue reading

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Using Azure Monitoring Service API with Azure Virtual Machines

Microsoft Azure Virtual Machines is the IaaS feature in the Azure platform that provides the ability to easily deploy Linux and Windows Server VMs into a public cloud infrastructure. Like other public clouds, Azure uses commodity hardware with horizontal scaling … Continue reading

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Network Connectivity in Azure

Microsoft Azure is a general purpose, public cloud that provides compute, storage, connectivity and services. The pace of innovation in each of these areas is accelerating, making it harder (in a good way) to keep abreast of the latest developments. … Continue reading

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Disk Storage on Linux VMs in Azure

Microsoft Azure supports the ability to mount VHDs into Azure Virtual Machines running any of the supported Linux distributions. Additionally, the Azure File Service provides a managed logical file system that can be mounted into Ubuntu distributions using the SMB … Continue reading

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A Second Look at Project Orleans

Project Orleans is a preview from Microsoft Research of an Actor-based framework and runtime supporting the development and deployment of massively distributed systems hosted in Microsoft Azure. A specific goal of Orleans is to simplify the creation of distributed systems … Continue reading

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A First Look at Project Orleans

Microsoft Azure Cloud Services is a PaaS offering that simplifies the task of deploying scalable applications. An Azure PaaS deployment comprises two files: a package containing the application assemblies; and a configuration file. This simplicity makes Azure Cloud Services a … Continue reading

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Windows Azure Training Events– San Francisco Bay Area

In March and April 2014, Satory Global is hosting several Developer Camps focused on Windows Azure and Modern apps. These are in San Francisco, CA and Sunnyvale, CA. The camps are a mixture of presentations and hands-on labs, where you … Continue reading

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Queries in the Windows Azure Storage Client Library v2.1

Windows Azure Storage has been a core part of the Windows Azure Platform since the public preview in 2008. It supports three storage features: Blobs, Queues and Tables. The Blob Service provides high-scale file storage – with prominent uses being: … Continue reading

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